This Week on Artist & International Dance (8/2)

31 Jul 2020, Posted by Gabrielle Niederhoffer in Uncategorized

This Sunday the weekly program, Dance Diplomacy with Jonathan, continues:

After 14 years of training in the South Indian classical dance form of Bharatanatyam with a subsequent international career as a performer in that form, Pradeesh K. Thiruthiya made an unusual decision:

He wanted to learn the ritual form of Theyyam, practiced from ancient times in his native region of Kerala. Transitions seem to be his métier – since the process of makeup and costuming render this manly figure into the Goddess Bhagawati. 

See it all on August 15th as Battery Dance Festival honors India on the Country’s Independence Day, but get a preview this Sunday at 9 am and 12 noon EDT on Battery Dance TV.

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