This Week on Artist & International Dance (7/12)

10 Jul 2020, Posted by Gabrielle Niederhoffer in Uncategorized

This Sunday the weekly program, Dance Diplomacy with Jonathan, continues: 

This week on Dance Diplomacy with Jonathan features an Interview with Junious Brickhouse, a leader in the field of hip-hop diplomacy, founder and director of Urban Artistry, and director of Next Level. Tune into Battery Dance TV at 9 a.m. and 12 noon EDT on Sunday, July 12th to hear about his journey. 

“We have so much to learn from Junious, a dancer from an early age who served abroad in the U.S. Military on his pathway to becoming one of America’s leading cultural diplomats.” “Hip-hop has become the most popular genre of art among youth around the world and Junious has shared hip-hop in far-flung places such as Cameroon, Bolivia, Myanmar and Egypt, while also following a deeply personal quest for discovering his family’s roots in the American South and the Transatlantic slave trade,” said Mr. Hollander.

At 2 p.m., take a hip-hop class with Battery Dance Company member, Hussein Smko.

Later in the day at 4 p.m, watch a beautiful solo performance by Curaçao-based choreographer/dancer Reuel Rogers from the 38th annual Battery Dance Festival.

Artist Talk: 9am & 12pm EDT

Hip-Hop Class: 2pm EDT

Performance by Reuel Rogers: 4pm EDT

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