This Week on Artist & International Dance (5/31)

28 May 2020, Posted by Gabrielle Niederhoffer in Uncategorized

This Sunday the weekly program, Dance Diplomacy with Jonathan, continues:

On Sunday, May 31 at 9am and 12 noon EDT, Hollander’s Dance Diplomacy interview reassembles a trio of women who succeeded in bringing Battery Dance’s “Dancing to Connect” program to Iraq in 2012 against a backdrop of bomb attacks and institutional skepticism. Sue Harville served as the Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Department of State in Kirkuk, Iraq, where explosions served as her morning wake-up call.  Local Cultural Advisor Helen Pattou facilitated the project, translating into two languages for youthful participants from different religious and linguistic groups and negotiating for space when everything went awry at the last moment.  Robin Cantrell overcame her trepidation and dug into her skills as a dancer and teaching artist with Battery Dance, converting theater students into confident choreographers and dancers in the matter of 5 days.

“It took true believers to bring a dance program to Iraq in 2012.  Through this look back by the three women who made it happen, we will see how grace, steely determination and adaptability came into play with results that play out even today through life-long relationships,” according to Jonathan Hollander, Artistic Director and Founder of Battery Dance. 

Later in the afternoon, Battery Dance TV will feature a ballet class at 2pm taught by Roman Baca, Artistic Director of Exit 12 dance company, and a solo performance by Hussein Smko at 4pm. 

Artist Talk: 9am & 12pm EDT

Ballet Class: 2pm EDT

Performance by Hussein Smko: 4pm EDT

On Battery Dance TV

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