This Week in Artist Talk (4/19)

17 Apr 2020, Posted by Emad Salem in Uncategorized


On Sunday, April 19, Artist Talk returns once again to South Asia. Ambassador Sandeep Chakravorty, Indian Consul General in New York and two performers, dancer Pallavi Krishnan and elocutionist Samiul Islam Poluck, discuss the oeuvre of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.  “Tagore was a Renaissance man and finding solace in his words and music at a time of disruption and isolation is a theme that is woven through the conversation” according to Hollander. 

Two videos choreographed to Tagore songs will be shown at the conclusion of the discussion:


Rabindra Sangeet (Tagore song)

Sung by Iman Chakraborty

Danced and Choreographed by Pallavi Krishnan


The Dreamer

Song by Rabindranath Tagore based on the lines of Robert Burns

Sung and performed by Shwapnil Shojib

Dramaturgy by Samiul Islam Poluck

Battery Dancers Robin Cantrell, Mira Cook, Bethany Mitchell, Unnath Hassan Rathnaraju, Sean Scantlebury

Produced by Rtv Bangladesh and the U.S. Embassy Dhaka


At 2pm (EST) Pallavi Krishnan will teach a free class in Mohiniyattam. To see a full schedule of free classes and performances on Battery Dance TV click here

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