Hourly Rates & Fees

Hourly Rates & Fees
*Studio rates have increased as of July 1st, 2019. 

Registration for New Renters $5.00
Dance Rehearsals – Off Peak (6am-6pm) $22.00
Dance Rehearsals – Peak (6pm-10pm) $27.00
Dance Rehearsals – Late Night Hours (10pm-12am) $27.00 + late night security deposit
Non-Dance Rehearsals $34.00
Small Class (10 or less) $34.00
Large Class (11 or more) $44.00
Auditions $62.00
Video/Photography shoot $125.00
Commercial / Film shoot Please call the office to inquire
Key deposit $5.00
(Refundable upon return of key)
Late night security deposit $50.00
(Refundable upon appropriate use of space)
*Please note that ALL renters using the space in the evening or on the weekend are responsible for picking up keys during office hours.