Battery Dance presents


Choreography by Robin Cantrell

Presented by Battery Dance, “RITUAL” is an interactive live dance experience by Robin Cantrell blending art and instructional guide through performance. Explore the power of everyday actions as sacred practices in this journey through Breathing, Writing, Dreaming, Meditation, Walking, Singing, Dancing, and Loving. “RITUAL” features a mesmerizing original score played live by the visionary duo Alexis Gideon and Mira Cook. Engage in audience participation from deep breathing to communal writing. 

Hosted at The Boiler gallery space in Williamsburg, audiences will be seated on three sides of the stage, becoming integral participants in this interactive journey, blurring the lines between performer and spectator. Attendees are encouraged to engage in a version of these rituals throughout the dance performance, fostering a collective energy of connection and resonance. Every moment is an opportunity for communal exploration and celebration.

Join us for “RITUAL,” where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

RITUAL was supported by a residency held at Vassar College in March 2024.

Date & Location
June 6-8, 2024
The Boiler
191 N 14th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249

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June 8 | 8:00PM Purchase Tickets


The Boiler
191 N 14th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249

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About the Choreographer

Photo of Robin Cantrell from the shoulders up. She's looking at the camera and smiling.


With a professional performing career spanning two decades, Robin Cantrell has worked with numerous dance companies including City Ballet of San Diego, Rioult, Rebecca Kelly Ballet, and, most notably, as a member of Battery Dance for 12 years. With Battery, Robin performed, taught, and presented her own choreography in over 60 countries. She is the subject of the award-winning documentary Moving Stories, about the company’s cultural diplomacy work, and most recently led a successful teacher training pilot program at Vassar College during their fall semester.

Robin currently dances for Gabrielle Lamb’s PigeonWing Dance and is the Artistic Director of Indelible Dance: a Brooklyn-based dance company that creates otherworldly dance films and presents multimedia immersive dance events.

Her most recent dance films, ODYSSEY, and TRIPTYCH, have garnered numerous awards and accolades, including Best Screendance of the Year at the 2022 Independent Shorts Awards.

Robin recently co-founded Constant John Productions with her creative partner Alexis Gideon. The company creates dynamic films that tell their stories entirely through dance and music. Their fist film, Flatland No. 1 was completed early this year.

Robin Cantrell is a native of St. Paul Minnesota and received her BFA in ballet performance at the University of Utah as a Willem F. Christensen scholarship recipient. 

She loves her bird very much and continues to expand her mindfulness practice.