The Iron Dove

Choreography: Razvan Stoian

Music: Mac Quayle Adagio in G minor

First Performance: 2019, 38th Annual Battery Dance Festival

Run Time: 8 minutes

Praise for “Iron Dove” 

“Diving back into the divine, Razvan Stoian’s smoldering contemporary-ballroom duet, The Iron Dove, supplanted creepy sexual exploitation with a unexpected study in power dynamics. Stoian maintained a tight grip on Jillian Linkowski throughout Dove as is he were holding onto her for dear life. Floating across the stage, it was clear that Linkowski was the person in charge, even as Stoian enveloped her in deep back-bends. As the eponymous character, she could have sent him tumbling to his doom at any moment. Set to Mac Quayle’s symphonic Adagio in G minor, the audience saw that Stoian’s fixed smile belied the underlying turmoil in his gait as a charming attendant locked in a singularly dependent relationship.”

-Juan Michael Porter II, Broadway World


About the Choreographer

Razvan Stoian hails from Constanta, Romania and graduated from the Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography winning the “Best Choreography” and “Best Interpretation” awards. He has danced internationally for Tangaj Dance Company, Gigi Caciuleanu Romania Dance Company at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London, and is a champion ballroom dancer, winning competitions throughout Europe. Razvan was a student participant in Battery Dance’s Dancing to Connect program in Romania in 2013, and subsequently became a teacher trainee, and finally a teacher, leading his own choreographic workshops worldwide with the Company.