The Durga Project (2016)

The Durga Project

Artistic Direction: Jonathan Hollander

Music: Rajan and Sajan Mishra; Samir Chatterjee; Ashirvad/Sangita Sounds

Costumes: Sole Salvo

Lighting: Calvin Anderson

First Performance: 2016

Run Time: 28 minutes

The Durga Project was supported by The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Air India, and by Molly K. Heines and Thomas J. Moloney


Praise for The Durga Project

robin and unnath“With its beautiful images and soulful music, The Durga Project evokes the sentiment of Bhakti (devotional love of the Goddess).  The choreography is excellent, drawing inspiration from Indian classical dances and classical music, which go hand in hand.  The human chain performed in the beginning with Bharatanatyam dancer and guest artist Unnath Jain gradually gathers momentum, resolving into the pas de deux which offer imaginatively suggestive and iconic poses of Goddess Durga in motion.  Hollander and his dancers from the U.S. and India have captured the essence of Shakti, the female principle of divine energy, in a meaningful manner.”


-Sunil Kothari
Dance historian and critic, India
Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award, Dance Critics Association, New York​