Mother Goose – 2000

  This edition of the Mother Goose tales is writ in musical/dance imagery. It was choreographed by Jonathan Hollander in 2000 to a commissioned score by Frank Carlberg and premiered at the Battery Dance Company’s 25th Anniversary Gala in New York City. Each of its six chapters takes place in an adult world, sharing with its juvenile counterpart a journey through dimensions of light and dark, comfort and the unknown, and the world of dolls, toys and people.

Mother Goose’s performance history includes national tours of India (2001), the Baltics, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia (2002) and North Africa and the Middle East (2004). It has been broadcast on national television in India, Morocco and Tunisia.

Poetry by Kenneth Rexroth, lighting by Pat Dignan and costumes by Miche Kimsa add to the work’s luminous mystery and grandeur. The Indian Express (National Edition)

“Embracing the music, twisting in its charms. Mother Goose with Frank Carlberg’s jazz score for his quintet adding a multifaceted luster to Mr. Hollander’s dreamlike images.”

– Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times, 2000

Mother Goose is a journey into a realm a child would be curious yet afraid to explore. It takes the known and twists it into what is unknown and should perhaps be feared, but gives it a comfort level in the courage [with which] the dancers explore it in their portrayals. Dark into light, smooth into staccato, poetry into raw rhythm.

– Ramya Sarma, The Indian Express (National Edition)

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