Inter/Ago (2015)

Inter / Ago

Choreography: Tadej Brdnik

Music: Margarita Zelenaia “Byzantine Chants” (feat. Andrey Tchekmazov)

Costumes: Barbara Delo

Lighting: Barry Steele

Set: Reynaldo Then

First Performance: 2015

Run Time: 18 minutes

About the Choreographer

Tadej Brdnik, Photo Credit: COSTAS

Tadej Brdnik, Photo Credit: COSTAS

Tadej Brdnik is a former principal dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company. He began his career in Slovenian and moved to the United States after receiving a full scholarship to the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in 1993, sponsored by actor Gregory Peck. After three years with the school, he joined the Martha Graham Dance Company in 1996. Tadej has danced and taught with Battery Dance since 1998 and has performed with Robert Wilson, David Gordon,  and Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Project, among many others. He currently serves as Program Director for Accelerate and Extension Programs at the Martha Graham Dance Company and is a Performer in Transition Fellow in Arts Management at the BAM Professional Development Program in partnership with teh DeVos Institute of Arts Management.

Tadej is a recipient of the 1993 Benetton Dance Award and the 2003 Eugene Loring Award.