Festival Poster Competition

Compete to have your design be the official poster of the 39th Annual Battery Dance Festival and win $250!



  • Please pick one of the below 5 images to inspire your digital design. Be creative!
  • Deadline to submit is July 5th at 5pm EDT. Only one submission allowed per person.
  • Submissions must be made using the form on this page.
  • We will pick the top 3 and post them online on July 6th on Battery Dance’s Instagram and Facebook pages (@batterydance).
  • The design that has the most Instagram and Facebook likes as of July 9th at 5pm EDT will be the winner, so don’t forget to spread the word and get your friends to vote!
  • We’ll announce the winner July 10th on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The winner will receive a $250 prize and will have their design used on the programs and advertisements for the 39th Annual Battery Dance Festival.

Image #1 (Hussein Smko)

Image #2 (Join Ensemble)

Image #3 (Ballet Boy Productions)

Image #4 (Hivewild)

Image #5 (Janis Brenner & Dancers)

Festival Logo

Submission Form (Deadline June 21st at 5pm)