Evaluation and Impact


Commitment to Results

Battery Dance is dedicated to ensuring that our mission and goals are met. We also are a learning organization, an organization committed to finding out more about the people we work with and the cultures we work in. We continuously strive to achieve greater results.   This is part of our commitment to maximize the impact of every dollar given to Battery Dance.


Evaluation Methodology


In addition to in-depth interviews and focus groups, the company conducts quantitative outcome-based evaluations of program participants by administering pre and post program questionnaires. Battery Dance also measures outputs and inputs through the surveys, allowing the organization to measure over-time its human and financial resource effectiveness in implementing programs. Outcome based indicators that are measured include leadership, self-confidence, listening and teamwork skills, perception of one’s self to be an agent of change, perceptions towards other participants  and for oversees participants: perceptions of the United States. Time and again, the Dancing to Connect program has demonstrated statistically significant improvements in all of the above indicators based on paired hypothesis testing. Some highlights include:









2011- 256% increase in # of students at NYC’s Gramercy Arts High School and Washington Irving High School who indicated they enjoyed expressing themselves in a group setting (20.5% before the program, 73.3% after the program)


2012- In Vyksa, Russia, the # of students who strongly agreed that they had the ability to create positive change in their community increased 233% (from 9.38% before the program to 31.25% after the program)


2013 – In Bangkok, Thailand, the # students who had a very positive perception of the United States increased 111% (from 40% before the program to 85% after the program)


Over 5,000 youth and young adults have participated in Dancing to Connect programs since 2011, reaching more than 40,000 audience members. In addition, the number of program participants worldwide has increased over 25% from 966 in 2011 to 1,218 participants in 2014. Analysis of all evaluated Dancing to Connect programs since 2011 indicates that over 97% of participants loved or liked the program and nearly 100% would participate again if given the chance.


Interviews and Testimonials

In addition to collecting quantitative data from surveys, in-depth interviews are conducted with participants, local partners, and local teacher-trainees. Written testimonials are collected from the above in addition to audience members, sponsors, organizers, and participant families.


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For questions regarding data contact emad@batterydance.org