Sarah Housepian

Sarah Housepian joined Battery Dance in 2018. Originally from Southern California, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from California State University of Fullerton. She was the Distinguished Keynote Speaker on behalf of The Performing Arts Department upon graduation. On the West Coast, she worked with Fuse Modern Dance, BARE Dance Company (CA), and Vision’s Dance Theater; she performed works by Colin Connor and José Limón. In New York, she has worked with BARE Dance Company, Yin Yue Dance Company, Erica Essner Performance Co-Op, Indelible Dance, 10 Hairy Legs Projects, NOW Dance Project, Robert Mark Dance, Shawn Bible Dance Co, Gabrielle Lamb, Spark Movement Collective, and Julia Ehrstrand. She has collaborated with visual artists and extensively explored dance on film, including starring in Robin Cantrell’s award-winning 40-minute dance film “Odyssey.” Sarah has toured and taught domestically and internationally, leading Battery’s Dancing to Connect workshops in Germany, Canada, India, Honduras, and Mexico. In New York, she has taught at Washington Irving High School, Chinatown Senior Center, PS 90, and Curtis High School. She has a passion for art, food, community and all things dance. She is honored to be a part of the Battery Dance family.

IG: @Sarahhouse