Mira Cook

Mira Cook joined Battery Dance in 2010. A native of Austin, Texas, she studied and performed with Ballet Austin and the Austin Dance Ensemble and danced in California with City Ballet of San Diego and Liss Fain Dance of San Francisco. With Battery Dance, she has performed and taught Dancing to Connect workshops in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and the Caribbean. She was the Battery Dance artist-in-residence at Bay Ridge Elementary School for the Arts, PS 257 and Curtis High School. Mira’s choreography has been presented by Battery Dance Company, City Ballet of San Diego, The Austin Dance Ensemble and SUSHI Performance and Visual Art. Mira is a singer/composer and performs regularly in New York City and abroad and has released three solo albums.

Mira says, “Dancing is my joy. I love getting to share this with students and collaborators in different places around the world. I learn so much.”