Board and Advisors


Battery Dance’s illustrious Board of Directors provides crucial assistance to the Company in charting its course. The Board brings to this task a breadth of experience and a range of voices. They have come to the Company through many avenues including the Arts and Business Council, the City Bar Association of New York City,  Volunteer Consulting Group’s Boardnet/USA, and Cause Strategy Partners’ BoardLead program.  Their leadership, innovation, and dedication have made possible the Company’s rapid recovery from the devastating effects of September 11, 2001 and guiding the Company in its new initiatives in Tribeca and around the Globe.

Dr. Helena Kane Finn, Board Chair

Judi R. Kilachand, Board Vice Chair

Jonathan Hollander, President

Samantha Sherman, Secretary

Jody Rasch, Treasurer

Tameka Alsop

Francisco ‘Tachi’ Cazal

Ned Cloonan

Dr. Patricia Donohue

Laura Entwistle

Shea Gopaul

Dorit Heimer

Lester Nelson, Esq.

Audrey Rohan

Mimi Shih

Viktor Sidabras

Joy Toboroff




Robert Cohn, Chair Emeritus

Dr. Cynthia Heelan, Chair Emerita

Molly Heines, Chair Emerita

Lyle Landon, Chair Emerita

Harsha Murthy, Chair Emeritus

Zachary Snow, Chair Emeritus

Susan Sullivan, Chair Emerita

Robert Anker

Stephen Dwyre

Regine Oesch-Aiyer

Angelina Painter

Vishaka Hussain Pathak

Johannes Van de Pol

David Walden

Daniel Weiner


Holger Backhaus-Maul

Francine Berkowitz

Ambassador Curtis Chin

Rakhvir Dhanoa

Georgia Hubert

Shalini Mimani Kissane

Steven Lawry

Robert Satloff

Dr. Milena Savova

Aroon Shivdasani

Steven Sokol

Mariana Suarez

Dr. Myron Uretsky

Morris Zand



Michele Clarke-Ceres

Jonathan DePeri

Christy Dietrich

Katherine Harrington

Mehdi Hassani Idrissi

Ameena Meer

Aretha Miller

Erik Patton

Chris Ramos

Linda Rebbel

Sophia Reynoso

Gina Safdar

Komal Shah-Kapoor

Sasha Terris

Marlo Tablante