Battery Dance Festival History

Established by Battery Dance in 1982 as the Downtown Dance Festival, today the Battery Dance Festival (BDF) is New York City’s longest-running free public dance festival. Audiences are traditionally drawn from the large downtown working population and residents, families, tourists, senior citizens and dance fans from the greater NYC metropolitan area. Each year, the Festival draws a combined audience of over 12,000 people.

The Battery Dance Festival provides a unique opportunity for outstanding dancers and choreographers to present original works of high artistic merit in a free public forum. BDF revels in the panoply of dance that our city offers, with strong emphasis on the inclusion of diverse dance styles and an international roster of performers. American choreographers such as Michelle Dorrance, Paul Taylor, Mary Anthony, Elizabeth Streb and Darrell Moultrie have all presented their works alongside pre-eminent companies from Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and the Caribbean.

The following is a roster of dance companies that have participated in the annual Festival, since 1982:


Akerman/Jansen {World Premiere}
Amy Marshall Dance Company
Ariel Rivka Dance
Ballet Inc. {World Premiere}
Battery Dance
Bollylicious | Belgium {U.S. Debut}
Buglisi Dance Theatre
Cia. Elias Aguirre | Spain {U.S. Premiere}
Compania de Danza Contemporanea de Republica Dominicana | Dominican Republic {NY Premiere}
Danuka Ariyawansa and Behri Drums & Dance Ensemble | Sri Lanka {World Premiere}
Fadi J. Khoury Dance
Janis Brenner & Dancers
Mari Meade Dance Collective (MMDC)
Martha Graham School {World Premiere}
Maxine Steinman & Dancers
Mophato Dance Theatre | Botswana {U.S. Debut}
Nadine Bommer Dance Company
Peridance Contemporary Dance Company
SLK Ballet {World Premiere}
SYnC Dance Company {U.S. Premiere}
Tina Croll + Company
The Movement Playground
Trainor Dance {World Premiere}
Trezon Dancy
Wilder Project

IAAC’s Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance:
Viraja and Shyamjith Kiran | India
Sruthi Mohan | India
Dimple Saikia | India
Aakansha Maheshwari and Malini Taneja | California
Kalamandir Dance Company | New Jersey
Kalinidhi Dance Company | Maryland







The 36th Annual Battery Dance Festival (2017) Recap


Amy Marshall Dance Company
Ballet Inc.
Battery Dance
Buglisi Dance Theatre
De Funes Dance
Double Take Dance
FJK Dance
Florida Dance Theater
Jennifer Muller/The Works
Joshua Beamish/Move the Company
Kilowatt Dance Theater
Lori Belilove & The Isadora Duncan Dance Company
Martha Graham School/Accelerated Professional Program
Maxine Steinman & Dancers
Nai – Ni Chen Dance Company | New Jersey
Razvan Stoian | Romania {World Premiere}
Robin Aren/Trac
Shawn Bible Dance Co.
Steps Repertory Ensemble
Sead Company Bodhi Project | Austria {U.S. Debut}
Te Ao Mana {World Premiere}
Trainor Dance
Unnath H.R. | India
Xaoc Contemporary Ballet
Y + Y Dance | Germany {U.S. Debut}
Zeynep Tanbay Dance Project | Turkey {U.S. Premiere}

IAAC’s Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance:
Avijit Das | India
Carolina Prada |  India
PT Krishan Mohan Mishra | India
Sooraj Subramaniam | Belgium
Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts | India
Surabhi Bharadwaj | California







The 35th Annual Battery Dance Festival (2016) Recap


Alison Cook Beatty Dance
Asia Duo | NYC & Malaysia
Ballet Neo {World Debut}
Battery Dance {World Premiere}
Beatrice Capote
Buglisi Dance Theatre
Cornfield Dance
Indelible Dance Company
Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt | Norway {U.S. Premiere}
Jennifer Muller/The Works
Mari Meade Dance Collective
Morales Dance
Polish Dance Theatre | Poland {U.S. Premiere}
Shanmugha Sundaram | India
Tina Croll + Company
Vivo Ballet | Italy {World Premiere}

Evening of Colombian Dance:
Pajarillo Pinta’o Dance Company
Sankofa Danzafro | Colombia {U.S. Premiere}

IAAC’s Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance:
Pallavi Krishnan | India
Rakesh Sai Babu | India
Sanjukta Wagh | India
Shaan Mutiyaaran Di Bhangra
Sonali Skandan and Jiva Dance






The 34rd Annual Battery Dance Festival (2015) Recap



Battery Dance {World Premiere}
Buglisi Dance Theatre, Jennifer Muller/The Works, Elisa Monte Dance
Dorrance Dance/New York
Elena Zahlmann of NY Theatre Ballet
Entomo EA&AE | Spain
In Situ Arts/ Adam H. Weinert and Logan Frances Kruger {World Premiere}
Lori Belilove & The Isadora Duncan Dance Company
Mazzini Dance Collective
Nimbus Dance Works
Tangaj Dance |Romania {U.S. Premiere}
The Vanaver Caravan

IAAC’s Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance:
Noopur Singha
Prabal Gupta
Sanjukta Sinha
Sattriya Dance Company
Srishti Dances of India
Yamini Saripalli




Battery Dance | Photo Credit: Darial Sneed



Battery Dance
Chapter Two Dance Company | Greece {World Premiere}
Dancing Earth
Jose Limon Dance Company
La Intrusa Danza | Spain {U.S. Premiere}
SLK Ballet
Tim Casson – The Dance WE Made, United Kingdom
Vendetta Mathea & Co | France {U.S. Premiere}

IAAC’s Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance:
Gurukul Dance Company
Rahul Acharya | India
Rama Vaidyanathan | India
Rani Khanam | India
Vijayalakshmi | India



Vendetta Mathea & Co, Photo credit: Darial Sneed

Vendetta Mathea & Co | Photo credit: Darial Sneed



Battery Dance
Buglisi Dance Theatre
Dalia Carella Dance Collective
Dance Cat-alyst Company
Exit 12 Dance Company
Figures In Flight
Jamal Jackson Dance Company
Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers  
Morales Dance
Peridance Contemporary Dance Company
Phoenix Project Dance
Roschman Dance
Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts Ltd | Singapore {U.S. Premiere}
The Vanaver Caravan Dance & Music Company

IAAC’s Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance:
Bageshree Vaze | Canada
Jaikishore & Padmavani Mosalikanti | India
Mayuri Dance Group | Russia
Sonali Skandan & Jiva Dance
The Trinetra Chhau Dance Company | India






Dancewave, Photo credit: Darial Sneed

Dancewave | Photo credit: Darial Sneed



BALAM Dance Theater
Ballets With a Twist
Battery Dance
Jamal Jackson Dance Company
Lydia Johnson Dance
Murray Spalding Mandalas
Silesian Dance Theatre | Poland {World Premiere}
Sutra Dance Theatre | Malaysia {U.S. Premiere}

IAAC’s Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance:
Aniruddhan Vasudevan
Lakshmi Sriraman
Mandakini Trivedi | India
Natya Academy
Rukmini Vijayakuar | India




Sutra Dance Company, Photo Credit: Darial Sneed

Sutra Dance Company | Photo Credit: Darial Sneed



Amy Marshall Dance Company
Battery Dance
Blakeley White-McGuire
Buglisi Dance Theatre
C. Eule Dance
Classical Contemporary Ballet Theatre
Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre    
Erica Essner Performance Co-Op
Figures in Flight
Jamel Gaines’ Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn
Lane & Co.
Lori Belilove & The Isadora Duncan Dance Company
Yuko Takahashi Dance Company | Japan

IAAC’s Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance:
Guru Radha Mohanan & Troupe | India
Leena Mohanty
Shobha Korambil




Battery Dance Company, Photo Credit: Darial Sneed

Battery Dance | Photo Credit: Darial Sneed



Battery Dance
Buglisi Dance Theater
C3 Tap Cooperative
The Chase Brock Experience
Dance China NY         
Eglevsky Ballet
Figures in Flight
Jamal Jackson Dance Company
Naomi Goldberg Haas/Dances for a Variable Population
New Chamber Ballet
Rebecca Kelly Ballet
Stefanie Nelson Dance Group
Vissi Dance Theater

IAAC’s Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance:

Aniruddhan Vasudevan
Labyrinth Dance Company
Janaki Rangarajan
Sakshi Productions
Sa Dance Company


Amy Marshall Dance Company
Axis Danz
Ballet Noir
Battery Dance
Battleworks Dance Company
Dance China NY
Dancewave’s Kids Company
Dances By Isadora
Eidolon Ballet
Figures in Flight
Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana
Genesis Dance Company
I -danse
Lane & Co.
Lydia Johnson Dance
Naganuma Dance
Naomi Goldberg Haas/Dances For A Variable Population
Rainy Welch
Riedel Dance Theater
Sachiyo Ito
Spinnin Ronin Martial Arts Theater
Stefanie Nelson Dance Group
Undertoe Dance Project
Valentina Kozlova’s Dance Conservatory of New York
Vissi Dance Theater
Xodus Dance Collective
Yaa Samar! Dance Theater



Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company
Angahara Dance Ensemble/Ramaa & Swetha Bharadvaj
Ashley Browne/Kinetic Project
Battery Dance
Christopher Caines Dance Company
Darshana Jhaveri Manipuri Dance
Figures in Flight Dance Company
Gallim Dance Group
HUNTERDance Theater
Isabel Gotzkowsky and Friends
Jamal Jackson Dance Company
Janis Brenner & Dancers
Naganuma Dance
Parijat Desai Dance Company
Quorum Ballet
Spinnin Ronin Martial Arts Theater
Take Dance Company
Vissi Dance Theater


Ballet Neo
Battery Dance
Cara Surico and Dancers
Dance China NY
Dzul Dance
Figures in Flight
Kathak Ensemble
Lazar Ballet NYC
Naganuma Dance
New Generation Dance Company
Ocean of Light
Peridance Ensemble
Rebudal Dance
Rumba Tap
Vissi Dance Theater



Battery Dance Company
Laurent Bortolotti
DV Dance
Freespance Dance
Lazar Ballet NYC
NOA Dance
Oriki Omi Oddara
Sandhya Purecha
Sonali Skandan


Battery Dance
Blue Muse Dance
Calpulli Mexican Dance Company
Mary Seidman & Dancers
Randy James Dance Works



Amy Marshall Dance Company
Battery Dance
Chinese Folk Dance Company &
Students from the New York Chinese Cultural Center
Notario Dance Company
Swapnasundari & Ensemble, Kuchipudi Dance of India


Ballet Folklorico Mexicano
Battery Dance
Chinese Folk Dance Company
H.T. Chen & Dancers
Jane Goldberg’s Changing Times Tap with Roxane Butterfly and Omar Edwards
Lori Belilove and the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation
Tokounou All Ability African Dance



Amy Marshall Dance Company
Battery Dance Company
Freespace Dance
Heather Harrington
Isabel Gotzkowsky & Friends
Janavak National Folk Dance Ensemble of India
John Passafiume Dancers
Kids Café Festival with Young Dancemakers Company
Ramos Dance
Ring O’ Bells Morris


Battery Dance with Ethos Percussion Group
and guest musicians Samir Chatterjee and Ramesh Misra
Gabriel Masson Dance
Incidents Physical Theater
Lê Minh Tâm Dance
The Vanaver Caravan
Zig Zag Ballet {NY Premiere}



Battery Dance Company with Frank Carlberg & Christine Correa
Chhaya Academy of Dance | India
Mary Anthony Dance Theatre with Kun Yang Lin
Morales Dance
Perks Dance Music Theatre
Skeleton Dance Project
Trio Sisters | India
Urban Impact


Barry Blumenfeld and Cintia Chamecki
Battery Dance
Beth Leonard and Linda Seifert
Chris Ramos/Soundance
Dancing Crane Folk Ballet with the Kartuli Ensemble
Feets of Rhythm Dance Company
Kathy Kroll Dance and Paper Theatre
Lumiere Ballet
Teri Steele and Oliver Steele/Steeledance
Young Dancemakers Company



Balasarawati Ensemble | India
Battery Dance
Jaan Freeman
Krishna Leela Dance Drama
Nrityagram Dance Ensemble of India
Rupa Vishvanath
Shakti Bhangra Dance Group
Sita Mani & Uttara Coorlawalla


Castanets in Concert
Folk Dance Theatre
Kerala Kalamandalam | India
Soundance Repertory Company



Anahid Sofian Dance
Battery Dance
Lori Belilove & Company
Olivier Heuts & Marcy Simon
Taylor 2
The Kathak Ensemble


Badal Roy with musician Ken Wessel
Battery Dance
Ernesta Corvino’s Dance Circle
George Washington High School Dancers
Mallika Sarabhai and the Darpana Dance Troupe of India
Pascal Rioult Dance Theatre
Sanza Nemo Collective Dance Company
Tap Express
Vanaver Caravan with Vanaver Caravan Youth Dance Company and Vanaver Caravan Kids



Battery Dance with Badal Roy
Jhaveri Sisters Manipuri Dance Troupe
Nrityashree of Vadodara


Balinese-American Fusion Dance
Battery Dance
George Washington High School
Janaki Patrik
New American Ballet Ensemble
Parul Shah | India
Swati Bhise



Anahi Galante | Argentina
Carlota Santana Spanish Dance
Estelle Eichenberger | Switzerland
Neta Pulvermacher | Israel
New American Ballet Ensemble
New York Theatre Ballet
Oravan | Slovakia
Peggy Spina & Tap Dancers
Sam Keany | Australia
Yukie Okuyama | Japan


Battery Dance with the Wave Hill Trio and Melanie Helton
Denishawn Repertory Dancers with Lyudmila Melerud (Piano)
She-Bops and Scats



Battery Dance
Chinese Folk Dance Company
Virginia Repertory Dance Company


Forces of Nature
Jodie Oberfelder-Riehm Dance Co.
Lillo Way
Manhattan Tap
Mark DeGarmo
Moving Pictures



Battery Dance with
New York Chamber Orchestra
DanceCompass | New Jersey
Dance Through Time |California
Hortense Kooluris and Dancers-Isadora Duncan Repertory
Matthew Nash Music & Dance
NYC Tapworks
The American Spanish Dance Theatre


Dance Circle
David Dorfman
Footworks: Rachel List, Janaki Patrik, David Parker/Kathryn Tufano
Ithaca Ballet
Kathryn Posin Dance Company
Mary Anthony Dance Company
New Dance: Nancy Alfaro, Novensemble, McLaughlin



Anahid Sofian Dance Company
Battery Dance
Dance Circle Company
Debra Weiss & Company
Elizabeth Streb
Jane Comfort
Kathy Kroll & Company
Mary Anthony Dance Theatre
Rachel List
Ruby Shang
Terry Creach & Stephen Koester


Albert Reid & Dancers
Andrea Levine & Charles “Cookie” Cook
Anita Feldman/Body and Sole
Battery Dance
Jane Goldberg/Changing Times Tap Co.
Spanish Dance Arts Company



Battery Dance
David Woodberry Running & Rolling | Virginia
Gail Conrad Tap Dance Theatre
Janet Smith & Dancers | United Kingdom
Lightning Dance Company | Massachusetts
New York City Dance Exchange
New York Theatre Ballet
Rebecca Kelly Dance Company
Vanaver Caravan


Battery Dance & Apple Brass Quintet
Conway & Geary Clown Troupe
Martha Karess & Dancers
Nina Wiener & Dancers
New York City Dance Exchange
New York Theatre Ballet
Pool Dance Company
Zenith Breakers