AUG 16 | In-Person & Livestreamed 


Celebrate getting over this week’s work hump with an amazing assortment of dance, including ballet and contemporary, as well works from the Hawaiian Islands and Eastern Europe. As a noteworthy treat, Jerron Herman, a soulful disabled movement artist, will inspire us with his new solo work Lax. 


This program is made possible in part by our international partner organizations: the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, UNATC & unteatru Theatre, and the Consulate General of Canada in New York.


Thank you to our independent Curatorial Panel for selecting these wonderful companies. See detailed program information below.

Time & Location 

In-person: 7pm EDT at Rockefeller Park. Click here for directions.

Livestream: https://vimeo.com/854855229?share=copy

The video will be available to watch for 10 days after the premiere and will expire on Aug 26.

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In a dance studio, a dancer in a red costume leans on the back of a dancer in an orange costume.



Intimate duet for two women exploring gesture as it relates to two femme presenting bodies.






Choreographer: Julian Donahue
Dancers: Giulia Faria and Monica Lima
Composer: Zenobia Powell Perry
Musician: Michael Scales
Costumes: Provided by the New York Theatre Ballet, designed and constructed by Sylvia Taalsohn Nolan

About the Company

Julian Donahue is a dancer with New York Theatre Ballet. Julian also dances for the New York Baroque Dance Company and Boston Early Music Festival performing historical and folk dance forms across the country, including at Lincoln Center. In 2021, Julian founded Julian Donahue Dance to create and showcase dances that express transformational political ideas, tell stories, and expand the public imagination. Julian graduated in 2019 from Hofstra (BA in dance and political science) and was the David Hallberg scholarship recipient at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre in 2013.


Black and white image of a dancer doing a handstand and arching their legs over another dancer.



Originally created for Montréal Danse in 1987, this remarkable dance for two men explores variations on the theme of not failing someone. Lifting or supporting a body always implies some kind of trust, and this choreography by James Kudelka distills this bedrock faith. Filled with symbols of male strength, and also male reliance, the movement embodies the notion that these are two solitudes that both border and protect each other.

This performance is supported by the Consulate General of Canada in New York.


Choreographer: James Kudelka
Performers: Sully Malaeb Proulx & Connor Mitton
Music: Gavin Bryars’ Jesus Blood never failed me yet

About the Company

Citadel + Compagnie is an artistic and community entity with a dual purpose. It is at once both place and people.

The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance is a remarkable building nestled in the Regent Park neighborhood of Toronto. Since 2012, The Citadel has established itself as an open and welcoming space for artists to rehearse, create and perform, and where the community can learn, communicate, and share.

The Citadel also acts as home to its own professional dance company, led by artistic director Laurence Lemieux, and plays host to a range of creative incubator and residency programs for some of Canada’s most interesting emerging choreographers and dance companies.


Black and white image one dancer catching another dancer.


Special People

The dance performance “Special People” invites the audience to become aware of contemporary people’s exacerbated self-centered nature. The word “special” ironically describes individuals who picture themselves as superior to everybody else because they happen to be richer yet who rely on external, trivial props, and not on their inherent worth, to draw attention to themselves and claim their position on the social ladder. The performance is structured in five sequences based on an original vocabulary of movement to portray how the consuming desire for material goods impact one’s body and attitude; the fabulous costumes made by the designer and scenographer Corina Boboc and the original soundtrack complement the expressive choreography to create a vivid picture of the absurdity of a purely materialistic life.

This performance is a co-production of the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, UNATC & unteatru Theatre.


Choreography: Teodora Velescu and Lari Giorgescu
Scenography: Corina Boboc
Music: Electric Brother, Adrian Nour, Adrian Piciorea
Voice: Aylin Cadir

About the Company

Teodora Velescu has BA in Choreographic Creation and a MA in Choreography and Dance from the National University of Theater and Cinematography in Bucharest. She specialized in classical dance at the “Floria Capsali” Choreography High School and from 2011 she has collaborated with the Bucharest National Opera, the Bucharest National Theatre, the Children’s Opera in Bucharest and the Bucharest National Dance Center. Lari Giorgescu has been an actor with the National Theater in Bucharest since 2012. In the same year, he debuted in “D`ale Noastre”, a show choreographed by Gigi Căciuleanu, for which he was nominated for the UNITER Awards, Romania’s most prestigious accolades for theatrical achievement. He studied acting at the National University of Theater and Cinematography in Bucharest and graduated in 2008 and is currently pursuing a PhD at the same university under the guidance of Professor Liviu Lucaci.

One dancer in a brown shirt leans their head on a pillow.


Lax | World Premiere

Lax is a punk concert in a sleep store, at least in the mind of the performer. It’s an observation on how getting rest is athletic and energetic through a disabled lens.

Jerron Herman was commissioned by the Stephen Petronio Company for the 2023 Bloodlines(future) Program, made possible, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.


Choreographer and Dancer: Jerron Herman
Music: Jerron Herman
Costumes: Sugandha Gupta

About the Company

Jerron Herman is a disabled dancer and writer who creates works to facilitate welcoming. He has premiered pieces at Danspace Project, Performance Space New York, The REACH (excerpt), and The Whitney Museum. Jerron’s most recent work VITRUVIAN premiered in May 2022. Tours have included the Baltimore Museum of Art curated by Johns Hopkins University and ODC in San Francisco. His writings on arts and culture have been published in the US and abroad and his play, 3 Bodies, was published in Theater Magazine’s June 2022 issue. He is also the choreographer and co-director of Sensorium Ex, a new opera. Other accolades include Spring 2022 Georgetown Artist/Scholar-in-Residence, 2021 Grants to Artists Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and a 2021-2022 Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship in Dance from the Jerome Foundation; the 2021 PETRONIO Award and residency and a 2020 Disability Futures Fellowship by the Ford Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Five dancers on a dark stage, holding their left leg to the side with their right arm reaching out.


NOW | NYC Premiere

NOW premiered by Carolyn Dorfman Dance in NJ in 2022. A dance for eleven virtuosic dancers was created on the Company by renaissance artist and nationally renowned dancer, choreographer Juel D. Lane (a former Carolyn Dorfman Dance company member currently dancing with Broadway, dance, and TV award-winning choreographer and director Camille A. Brown). NOW showcases Juel’s signature fast-paced, heart-stopping choreography in a defiant journey of thriving and creating despite the fearful and difficult time in which we continue to find ourselves.


Choreographer: Juel D. Lane
Dancers: Katlyn Baskin, Jarred Bosch, Dominique Dobransky, Khalid Dunton, Hannah Gross, Maiko Harada, Brandon Jones, Kaila Moses, Charles Scheland, Andréa Ward and Martina Viadana (guest)
Creation Cast: Katlyn Baskin, Jarred Bosch, Gianna Diaz, Dominique Dobransky, Khalid Dunton, Maiko Harada, Brandon Jones, Kaila Moses, Marsha Guirlande Pierre, Charles Scheland, and Martina Viadana
Music and Composer: Leo RA Soul

About the Company

Carolyn Dorfman, choreographer/founding Artistic Director of Carolyn Dorfman Dance, is known as a creator of evocative dances that reflect her concerns about the human condition. Her interdisciplinary and intercultural approach on the stage and in the community explores the rich tapestry of human experience, tradition, and stories. In bold, athletic, and dramatic works, CDD’s 12 stunning, multi-ethnic dancers take audiences on intellectual and emotional journeys. This is contemporary dance that moves you to think, feel, laugh, cry, and engage.


Two dancers moving on stage. One wears a red costume and one wears a black and blue costume.


Edible Tales (Excerpts): Soul Food & Kanaloa | NYC Premiere

The work explores cultural heritage, social justice and sustainability, using food topics. Kanaloa is the vast depths of the unconscious, the primordial connection we have to all life on earth and each other, and the origin of all freshwater.  Kanaloa is the natural process of the ocean, the waves, the salt water, the currents, and all living things inside of the ocean.  The ocean is the highway by which not only humans migrate across geographic areas, but our food as well.  The work is a contemporary dance celebration of our origins, our migrations, the foods we bring with us. Soul Food is a process of remembering, digging deep into the ancestral memories through percussion and dance steps to connect with ourselves, our ancestors, and heal from the trauma placed on generations of African American bodies.


Choreographer: Candice Taylor and Keala Fung
Dancers: Abril Amparo, Alaina Cota, Keala Fung, Angie Miller, Litsie Monier, Candice Taylor
Live Percussionist: Genevieve Martinez
Music: Waves
Composition: Ron Perry, Peter Rockford Espiritu, Puakea Nogelmeier, Felward Kahakeli’i
Music: Wai a Kane, Makaio Villanueva & Nani Peterson, Re-member
Composition: Traditional chant & Jermaine Fletcher
Music: Last of the Dogons, Jay Daniel, DJ Kev Karter
Composition: Jermaine Fletcher

About the Company

Dancers Unlimited is a bi-coastal company based in NYC and Hawaiʻi. The company creates authentic movement narratives through community engagement, artistic collaboration and social justice work. Its work has been presented on prestigious stages including Shanghai World Expo, Booking Dance Festival, Hawaii State Art Museum, Hawaiʻi Contemporary Arts Festival, and Asian Pacific Dance Festival. The company uses dance to uplift stories from our communities and create the change we seek.