Battery Dance Festival Application FAQ

Frequently Asked Application Questions

-How do I apply?

Applications will be open on November 1, 2023. Please check the Battery Dance website, social media, or subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page to get updates. Applications will be accepted only via the online application form.

-When is the deadline for applications? 

December 31, 2023, 11:59PM EST

-How do I submit my materials?

An electronic form will be available on Battery Dance’s website where materials can be sent digitally. Only electronic applications will be accepted.

-What are the dates of the Festival?

The 43rd Annual Battery Dance Festival will take place August 11 – 17, 2024. 

Can I submit my DVD and other promo materials now?

No, please wait until the application is open and only send us the information that we request in the digital form.

Can I send you a link to our work on Youtube or another video sharing site?

Yes, applicants may send work samples via Youtube or other video sharing sites as part of the application. Please make sure that the link works (and a password is provided if protected) as it is vital for our selection process.

How long are pieces that are presented?

Works involving 2 or more dancers may be 10- 20 minutes in length, while solos can be 5 – 10 minutes. Works outside of these time frames may not be considered. 

-What kind of works are most likely to be selected?

The Festival presents works from every type of genre! Please keep in mind that the Festival occurs outdoors and technical resources are limited. While we have side lights as the evening grows darker, pieces that rely on complex overhead lighting, projections, video, or extensive sets are not well suited.

Can I submit multiple works?

Each company/artist can submit only one application. Please submit only one work in your application.

My piece is longer than 20 minutes. Can I apply with a shortened version?

Yes, a shortened version of a larger work is acceptable. However, due to time constraints during the review process, we ask your help in identifying the section of your work sample that best represents the piece. Please provide a time stamp of the section of choreography you’d like the curatorial panel to review. 

-Can I submit a promotional video of my work?

No. Videos submitted for staged performances should not be edited except to show different angles/focuses from a single continuous show. Submitted videos should show the dance work that will be performed. Promotional videos are not accepted.  

I want to perform a new work for the festival/I am in the process of creating a new work that I would like to perform at the Festival.  What should I submit?

If you are in the process of developing a new work, please submit rehearsal footage of that work-in-process with notes. If rehearsals have not started yet, please submit unedited footage that is representative of the work you are envisioning. If you are accepted, you will be asked to submit a video of the completed version of your piece for final review.

-I missed the deadline, can I still submit?

No, unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications we receive each year, we are unable to accept late applications.

When will I find out if my work has been selected?

Applications are due December 31, 2023.  All applicants will hear from us no later than April 15, 2024. 

How will I be notified about decisions?

Regardless of whether you have been selected or not, we will contact you via the e-mail address listed on your application.

-Is there a cost involved in the application process?

No, there is no application fee!

Is there a stipend for participants?

Yes. We are able to offer a small stipend to each participating company.

My dance company is not based in New York.  Can I still apply?

Yes. We love presenting companies from all around the United States!  Please specify your location in the application form.

–Is the Festival in-person?

Yes! The Festival will run as a hybrid model with in-person performances and live streaming.  

If you have any additional questions, contact Amy Santos, Festival Manager:


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