AUG 20 | In-Person & Livestreamed 


A flourishing of cultures characterizes the grand finale of the Festival.


Don’t miss your chance to see traditional Flamenco, a thrilling acrobatic solo, and a fusion of Mexican folklorico and contemporary ballet. A world premiere performed in Flexn, a street dance style from Brooklyn, an intimate male tango duet, a solo driven by the spirit of the drum, and a world premiere for Battery Dance by Ana Maria Lucaciu bring the Festival to a rousing finish.


*We strongly encourage that all in-person audience members wear a mask to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Time & Location 

In-person: 7pm EDT at Robert F. Wagner Park. Click here for directions.

Online: Click here at 7pm https://youtu.be/RgCVBsiGFMs

The video will be available to watch for 10 days after the premiere and will expire on Aug 30th.

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Spanish for “joy,” Alegrías is a traditional flamenco palo (musical form) that originates from Cádiz, Spain. It has a 12 beat rhythmic cycle, playful mood, and often explores themes of the beach and ocean. This Alegrías is performed with flamenco complements including the bata de cola (long skirt train), mantón (flamenco shawl), abanico (fan), and castañuelas (castanets).


Choreographer: Rebeca Tomás
Assistant Director: Isabel del Día
Performers: Elisabet Torras, Juana Calá, Adriana Olivares
Musicians: Bárbara Martínez, Alfonso Cid, Calvin Hazen, Rebeca Tomás
Music and Composer: Live Traditional Flamenco Music

About the Company

Flamenco Vivo II brings the best of the New York flamenco scene to audiences across the Tri-State area. A subset of Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, Flamenco Vivo II is essential to the company’s mission to raise public awareness of flamenco as an integral part of Spain’s multicultural heritage, foster the creation and presentation of new works, and nurture the next generation of flamenco artists.



Maps | World Premiere

Choosing a path among the many options that lie ahead is about taking control of one’s own life. 


Choreographer: Ohiole Dibua
Performer: Ohiole Dibua
Music and Composer: Maroon 5 Music
Costume Design: Ohiole Dibua

About the Artist

Ohiole Dibua is a DMV-based performer who combines elements of Street Dance, Martial Arts, Magic, Miming and Physical Comedy to create engaging audience experiences. He has had to chance to work with networks and brands such as MTV, Maxim Magazine, ABC, PBS and Seventeen Magazine as well as presented his work at a variety of different venues and events such as The Apollo Theater, Kodafe International Dance Festival, THON, etc.



Michoacán Suite

“Sones de Michoacán” is a joyous celebration of the beauty and culture of Mexico. The solo “Nepantla,” performed to Anzaldua’s poem “To Live In The Borderlands Means You” explores what it means to live in physical and metaphorical in-between spaces. “Danza De Los Viejitos,” an ancient dance with origins in the Andes region of South America, was danced for ritualistic and religious purposes during the season change on every solstice and equinox, honoring the elder God “Tata Huriata.”


Choreographer: Andrea Guajardo and Martin Rodriguez
Performers: Victoria Andrea Guajardo, Maricarmen Betancourt, Francesca Iannelli, Brooke Naylor, Argelia Arreola, Piper Dye, Martin Rodríguez, Erick Modesto, Erick Perales, Brooke Naylor.
Music and Composer: “Nepantla” – poem by Gloria Anzaldua and read by Veronica Sandoval. “Sones de Michoacán” – Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. “Danza De Los Viejitos” – Local musicians from Jaracuaro, Michoacán. 

About the Company

Ballet Nepantla tells stories to provoke the imagination of audiences and to help our society see the beauty of the Mexican community. Through a fusion of Mexican folklorico and contemporary ballet, Nepantla explores the “in-between” spaces of trans-historical cultures. Artistic director Andrea Guajardo holds a BFA in dance from Fordham/Ailey. She toured and performed with MOMIX for three seasons and has been awarded a Lotos Foundation Prize for her choreography. In 2017 Andrea founded Nepantla alongside associate director Martin Rodriguez.



FLOWER | World Premiere

“Flexn”, a street style from Brooklyn, is the root movement for this work-in-progress previously sampled as “Introductory Projects.” The work is autobiographical, exploring the experience of both stagnation and flowering of a Hispanic male growing up in Brooklyn.


Choreographer: Joshua Morales
Performers: Joshua ‘Sage’ Morales, Risa Morales, Calvin Hunt, Jade Rosso, Rafael ‘Droid’ Burgos
Music Directors: Epic B, Quannected

About the Company

Joshua Morales is a multidisciplinary artist. His artistic aesthetic is the highlighting of the endless layers of the Human design. Interspecies communication and the perceptions of it via the Human mind are driving forces in his creativity. Combining his experiences as a young Hispanic male in Brooklyn NY with his admiration for conceptual art he aims to create a blend extremely unique. He is the executive director & founder of STASIS and with this platform wishes to encompass the blend between raw street culture and abstract fine arts.



Cuesta Abajo | World Premiere

Dardo Galletto and Alonso Guzman perform a duet to music by Adriana Varela, whose intensity is amplified through volatile Argentine Tango movement traditionally performed by a man and a woman. The two men navigate the seamless changing of leader and follower, as every step affects the other regardless of gender role.


Choreographers: Dardo Galletto and Alonso Guzmán
Performers: Dardo Galletto and Alonso Guzmán
Music and Composer: Cuesta Abajo by Adriana Varela
Costume Design: Dardo Galletto and Alonso Guzmán

About the Artist

Dardo Galletto and Alonso Guzmán are independent Tango teachers, choreographers, and life partners. The couple fuses the essence of Argentine tango, classical ballet, and contemporary dance to capture an amalgam of European and Latin elements unique to Latin culture. 



Yemaya: Rebirthing to Existence

The soloist regresses to the powers, strength, and spiritual aptitude of Yemaya, the Nigerian Yoruba people’s “mother of the salt-waters”. Guided through the spirit of the drum, the narrative explores the refining of one’s spiritual destiny through different paths.


Choreographer: Beatrice Capote
Performer: Beatrice Capote
Music and Composer: Roger Consiglio, Charles Hart, Jadele McPherson, and Miguel Valdes Aballi
Costume Designer: Milagros Alfonso (costume), Violeta Gonzalez (crown), Magdalena Tortoreillo (mask)

About the Artist

Beatrice Capote is a Cuban American Dancer, Choreographer, Educator. She trained at Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, received her A.A. from University of North Carolina School of the Arts, B.A. in Dance Education and MFA focused on Afro-Cuban Dance Forms from Montclair State University.



It Goes by Quick | World Premiere

Five Battery Dancers perform a world premiere choreographed by Ana Maria Lucaciu to a specially composed score by T.M. Rives. Following on last year’s dance film collaboration with fellow Romanian, Razvan Stoian of Battery Dance, Ana Maria demonstrates her deft treatment of calculated gesture and rich physicality to a series of overlapping duets and ensemble choreography that reveals profound secrets of human interaction.

This performance is supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York.


Choreographer: Ana Maria Lucaciu with the dancers of Battery Dance
Performers: Sara Seger, Sarah Housepian, Razvan Stoian, Vive Khamsingsavath, and Jill Linkowsi
Music and Composer: T.M Rives (Original score) with music by Artie Shaw, AGF
Costumes: Ana Maria Lucaciu

A special thanks to Jonathan Hollander, the Battery Dance dancers, and T.M Rivers for their unwavering support.

About the Company

Battery Dance was founded in 1976 in New York City’s Financial District by choreographer Jonathan Hollander, a Fulbright Lecturer and former professional dancer. The Company has since earned critical accolades for its exquisite choreography and virtuosic dancers, while becoming a leader in social activism at home and abroad. Battery Dance developed ‘Dancing to Connect’ in 2006, an arts education program that puts the tools of choreography into the hands of young people with or without prior dance training. Since then, 300,000 students in NYC public high schools and students in 60 countries around the world have benefited from this training.