2018 Battery Dance Festival

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All Workshops Take Place at Battery Dance Studios – 380 Broadway, 5th Fl.

August 12 – 1:30PM -3PM – Battery Dance | USA

August 13 – 10:30AM – 12PM – Iker Karrera Dance Company | Spain

August 14 – 10:30AM – 12PM – Battery Dance | USA

August 14 – 12:30PM – 2PM – Sandip Mallick | India

August 15 – 10:30AM – 12PM – Citadel + Compagnie | Canada

August 16 – 10:30AM – 12PM – Paranoyak Crew | Gabon

August 17 – 10:30AM – 12PM – Skopje Dance Theater | Macedonia

August 17 – 1PM – 2:30PM – Mophato Dance Theatre | Botswana

Local Companies

Ariel Rivka Dance

Asya Zlatina and Dancers | Pennsylvania

AThomas Project

Ballet Nepantla

Battery Dance

Caterina Rago Dance Company


Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company

Douglas Dunn + Dancers


Jamal Jackson Dance Company

JOIN Ensemble

Martha Graham School

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company

Caterina Rago Dance Company


*Local Companies were selected by an independent curatorial panel that evaluated applications received through an open and free online application process. KATHAK! day of Indian dance was curated by Jonathan Hollander and Rajika Puri. International Companies were selected by an internal panel at Battery Dance in coordination with international partners.


Rajika Puri, Sutradhar (Narrator) | NYC

Anuj Mishra, Kantika Mishra, and Neha Singh | Lucknow, India

Parul Shah Dance Company | NYC

Piyush Chauhan and Preeti Sharma | Delhi, India

Sandip Mallick | Kolkata, India

Anuj Mishra & Kantika Mishra

International Companies

Citadel + Compagnie | Canada

Damir Tasmagambetov | Kazakhstan

Iker Karrera Dance Company | Spain

Mophato Dance Theater | Botswana

Paranoyak Crew | Gabon

Skopje Dance Theater | Macedonia

Skopje Dance Theater


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Banner image photo credit: Darial Sneed of Ballet Inc. at the 2017 Battery Dance Festival