2015 Battery Dance Festival



Local Companies

Alison Cook Beatty Dance

Asia Duo | New York City & Malaysia

Ballet Neo

Battery Dance

Beatrice Capote

BOOMERANG | Gambier, Ohio

Buglisi Dance Theatre

Cornfield Dance

Indelible Dance | Brooklyn, New York

Jennifer Muller/ The Works

Mari Meade Dance Collective | Brooklyn, New York

Morales Dance

Pajarillo Pinta’o

Tina Croll + Company


Boomerang – Our Past Our Fuse. Photo Credit: Jon Funder

Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance

Sanjukta Wagh | Mumbai, India

Shaan Mutiyaaran Di Bhangra | New York City

Rakesh Sai Babu | New Delhi, India

Pallavi Krishnan | Trichur, Kerala, India

Sonali Skandan and Jiva Dance | New York City

Sanjukta Wagh

Sanjukta Wagh

International Companies

Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt | Oslo, Norway (U.S. Debut)

Polish Dance Theatre | Poznań, Poland (New York debut)

Vivo Ballet | Rome, Italy

Sankofa Danzafro | Medellín, Colombia (New York Debut)

Shanmugha SundaramChennai, India (New York Debut)

Sankofa Danzafro - La Cuidad de los Otros. Photo credit: González Álvarez

Sankofa Danzafro – La Cuidad de los Otros. Photo credit: González Álvarez











All workshops for advanced level dancers will take place at Battery Dance Studios from 10am-12pm

August 17th
Italian choreographer Enzo Celli, Artistic Director of Vivo Ballet of Rome
Register here. —

August 20th
Norwegian choreographer Ingun Bjørnsgaard , Artistic Director of Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt of Oslo

Register here

Ingun Bjørnsgaard in Praeambulum. Photo credit: Erik Berg

Ingun Bjørnsgaard in Praeambulum. Photo credit: Erik Berg








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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Where is the festival?


This year’s festival will be held in Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Park in downtown Manhattan.

Address: 20 Battery Pl. New York, NY 10280


Get directions from your location here.


Subway directions: Take the 4/5 to Bowling Green, or take the 1 to Rector and walk down Greenwich Street. Walk west along Battery Place until you pass Historic Battery Park and enter Battery Park City.


If you are driving: Public parking garages are available throughout Battery Park City and at the Battery Parking Garage between Greenwich Street and West Street. Entrances are available on Morris, Greenwich and Washington Streets.


  1. Are pets allowed?


We love your pets, but they are not allowed in the park.


  1. Can I bring a chair or blanket?


Chairs are not allowed, so we suggest bringing a blanket to sit on the sections of grass. But, come at least 15 minutes early to find space for you and your friends. Seating is Limited!


  1. How much are tickets?


The festival is free and open to the public. For the closing event, please reserve your ticket:


  1. What is the performance schedule?


The full performance schedule can be found on our website:


  1. Can I bring food?




  1. Is the festival good for kids?


Yes. In fact, at the end of each evening’s program, we host “Everybody Dance Now!” where the audiences learn a segment of the choreography that was just performed and kids are welcome to join!


  1. Can I photograph or videotape performances?


As long as you don’t use flash, go for it and be sure to share your images with the hashtag #BatteryDanceFestival


  1. Is the festival handicapped accessible?


Yes, the festival is accessible to everyone. Again, please be sure to arrive early to reserve a handicap accessible seat.


  1. Can I volunteer at the festival?


Yes! Send an email to Natalia at for more info.